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Feel The Mark Of Perfection.

Providing The Highest Quality Painting And Most Professional Services.


We Don’t Just Care About Painting.

We Care About You.

We’ll ensure your floors, gardens, and everything else we’re painting around looks like we were never there.

Efficiency is our game to ensure you’re comfortable in your own home.

We will work around your budget, we know sometimes getting your house painted is costly but we will insure you to give you the the best price possible.

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Providing the highest quality painting and most professional services.


1. Let’s talk about your vision


2. We’ll create your new space


3. Enjoy your new home

Let Us Transform Your Home! 

We are a family operated business that has been serving the biggest cities across Maryland, We believe all our clients should feel our trustworthiness, our clients should feel the mark of perfection we offer with our professional's to ensure peace of mind.  K & E Construction is the right choice for your painting and wall covering needs.   

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